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Quarterly Meeting Announced

The Summer Quarterly Meeting of the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society will take place at 6:30 pm, Thursday June 30th at Lake Charles City Hall.

Pioneer BldgThe program will include the unveiling of a special historic marker at the front of the building along with short presentations about the 1959 visit to the building by then-candidate John F. Kennedy and about mid-century architectural style.

City Hall was originally built as the “Pioneer Building” by oilmen Mordello Vincent and Lee Welch.

The structure served as an office building and site of the Pioneer Club for several decades until purchased in the seventies and adaptively reused by the City.

This event is open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Image is taken from a period-era postcard. Note the vintage cars on Pujo Street and the Mobil Oil Pegasus.