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Lost Landmarks by Year

Lost Landmarks Program

Since the reconnection of CHPS with the Southwest Louisiana Historical Association, one of the major heritage projects of the organization is the marking of sites important to telling the story of Southwest Louisiana. Towards that end, CHPS instituted the “Lost Landmarks Program” to continue the tradition of identifying sites and structures that helped to shape the economic, social and cultural life of the area.

In 2013/2014, CHPS applied for grant funding to supplement its own funds to jumpstart the program. Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau, through the grants administrator the Arts Council of Southwest Louisiana, granted CHPS an Arts/Tourism Grant to fund the project. The project marked the site of now lost landmarks with custom cast metal markers to identify the site and to inform the interested public and tourists of the role played by the now missing landmark. CHPS arranges for the research, the sign copy, the site coordination, and the promotion of the program.

The signage directs interested parties to the Society’s website which provides additional links, images, and histories of the sites. It is the intention of CHPS to continue to mark important sites of this sort throughout Calcasieu Parish. The first three sites marked are those of the Majestic Hotel, Ball’s Auditorium, and the west side of the 800 block of Ryan, location of four missing landmarks: the Weber Building, the Paramount Theater, and the Arcade Theater & Miller Building complex which was lost after it had been included in the National Register. Images from the unveiling ceremonies on January 30, 2014 follow:

 Site of
4 Lost Landmarks
 Site of Lost Landmark,
Ball's Auditorium 
Site of Lost Landmark, Majestic Hotel

 Lost Landmarks  Landmarks  Lost Landmarks Lost Landmark
   L-R CHPS President Nancyh Morris, Melinda Cormier and Rick Richard.  L-R Nancy Moss, LC Councilwoman Mary Morris, Mayor Randy Roach, North Lake Charles Redevelopment Chair Kathleen Bellow   L-R Nancy Moss and CVB Director Shelley Johnson