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Annual Meeting Announced

The Annual Meeting of the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society will be held Thursday, January 24th, at the Landmark home of Willie Mount, 205 Shell Beach Drive in Lake Charles.
205 Shell Beach Drive, Lake Charles, Artwork by Sue Zimmermann

Social to begin at 6:30, Program to begin at 7:00.

On the program:

  • Exciting details about the 38th Annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes "Windows on the Water" by Tour Chair Donna Richard.
  • The Landmarks Inductees by A C Bourdier.
  • The Eleven Most Endangered candidates, and short reports on projects and programs of your CHPS for 2012 including the 37th Annual Palm Sunday Tour in Historic Margaret Place and Gerstner Field marker project.

Speaker on tap is Dwayne Jones, executive director of the Galveston Historical Foundation.

Margaret Place Home Featured in Old House Journal

Hearty congratulations to Theresa and Jim Barnatt of Margaret Place for the excellent and informative five-page color-image story in the January 2013 issue of OLD HOUSE JOURNAL, a premier national restoration magazine.  

Barnatt Home. Art work by Sue ZimmermannThe article by Deborah Burst with images by Andy Olenick focused on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of restoring "La Maison Rouge". 

The magazine coverage was a happy result of the successful 2012 Palm Sunday Tour of Homes project of the Margaret Place Historical District Association, CHPS, and the Lake Charles-Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).  


Theme for 2013 Tour Palm Sunday Tour Announced

The 38th Annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes will be themed “Windows on the Water” with 5 gracious homeowners sharing their gardens and interiors on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013.

Lake Charles from Shell Beach DriveAll of the historic homes on tour feature beautiful lakeshore views along prestigious Shell Beach Drive in Lake Charles. Historically Shell Beach Drive was part of the Old Spanish Trail (also known as historic U. S. Highway 90) that crossed the continent and connected the Old South with the Pacific.

Homes along this beautiful shoreline will display a variety of distinctive exterior design styles, lush sub-tropical gardens, and exquisite interiors. Much more information about sites, details, and times to come on the CHPS website as the Tour preparations proceed!

Preceding the Tour on Sunday will be the Palm Sunday Tour Brunch (separate admission) at 121 Artisan Bistro at 121 Doctor Michael Debakey Drive in Lake Charles.

Photos 2012 Palm Sunday Weekend

Several "albums" have been posted on Facebook on both the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society page and the Margaret Place Historical District page.

cg_0209_Melinda, Adley, William, Nancy, The Soul VacationCHPS wants to once again say "Thank You" to the homeowners, docents, volunteers and the Margaret Place Historical District for what turned out to me a memory-making weekend!

Be sure to enjoy this news coverage by KPLC.

The Palm Sunday Tour of Homes is sponsored by the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society.

This year, CHPS joined forces with the Margaret Place Historical District to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Margaret Place.

The City of Lake Charles designated Margaret Place a historical district in the mid 90's.

Margaret Place is located between Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive and the Lake, and Pithon and Griffith Coulees.

The Margaret Place Model

The joint venture between the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society (CHPS) and the Margaret Place Historical District (MPHD) went beyond delivering a Tour of Homes.

Our premise was, and is, simple; use the CHPS tour as a goal for a historic area (or a sub-set of a historic area) to come together to improve and showcase the homes and characteristics of that area.

While the 2013 tour will benefit from systems put in place this year, the grander achievement is that MPHD came together to accomplish signficant achievements and goals.


Robert Kleinschmidt Watercolors on display this Sunday!

BordensBob Kleinschmidt  was a remarkable artist who loved Lake Charles and it's history.  His handsome and fresh renderings of our most important buildings around town have been popular for decades, and will remain pertinent to the telling of our city's many stories, right through the present and into our future.  

The Palm Sunday Tour of Homes Exhibit is very pleased to display four of Mr. Kleinschmidt's original watercolors from the Margaret Place neighborhood.



Parking Options for Palm Sunday

parkingFotolia_18260033_XSThe Trolley will run in a continual circle around Margaret Place and the Civic Center from 9:45 - 5:00. Because the option of J&R Carriage is available at the Civic Center, we strongly encourage parking at the Civic Center.

Permission has been secured from the property owners below to utilize their parking lots on Palm Sunday.


Docent Training Video

While many of our procedures are different, this video is excellent, especially as it pertains to the home.

Note: In Lake Charles, we do not use a registration desk. Docents report directly to their assigned house 15 minutes prior to their shift. Our shifts are two hours VS the three hours mentioned in this video. 

Margaret Place and Benedictine Monks?

IMG_20120316_104633_jimpreparingtocut2One thing the joint-committee coordinating the 37th Annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes knows is that the Southwest Louisiana and Convention Bureau  (CVB) knows what it is doing!  As a result, when CVB representative Tico Soto  sent an e-mail to the event chair asking "what about a lemonade stand?" an e-mail was immediately sent out to the Margaret Place community. 

Within hours,  a Charlie Brown type lemonade stand was in the works and the cookie making and staffing began! (You gotta love the spirit of Margaret Place!) And, the commonality between Benedictine Monks and Margaret Place was born!


Thanks, Thrive Magazine!

A huge thanks to Thrive Magazine for running a two page story about Palm Sunday Weekend in their latest issue! Check out page 34 and 35!   Click on "Read More", then click on "expand" for reader friendly version. Impressive!